The vision of the Council for Airport Opportunity (CAO) seeks to be the premier “go-to” resource for job placement and the foremost authority on synergizing the workforce needs of our customers: the aviation/airport business community and the surrounding localities and their residents. Since quality jobs are the foundation of a thriving and healthy economy, our highest aspiration is to be a transformative partner in growing the region’s economy; as workforce development and economic development are intrinsically linked.

CAO will embrace 21st century leadership and business practices to successfully compete in today’s high-paced, high-tech, and highly competitive environment. CAO will measure its success using the following key benchmarks:

Customer Service: CAO is a proactive partner in linking quality employees with aviation/airport jobs. CAO will strive to elevate its high standard of customer service and use the concept of continuous improvement to gain the absolute satisfaction of its customers.

Quality Programs: CAO offers a unique range of indispensable/unique programs and services. CAO will continuously explore new and innovative ways to enhance program quality and value for its customers.

Planned Growth:CAO is a responsive and adaptive organization. CAO will utilize data-driven, analytically-based information to anticipate future needs and carefully, but quickly, respond with services that align with our customers’ expectations.

Community Building: As an aviation industry trade organization with a proud legacy of over forty (40) years of service, CAO is set apart by its far-reaching network of individuals and groups that help it to execute its mission. CAO will implement 21st-century techniques to cultivate and expand its relationships with customers, stakeholders, community, and any and all other individuals and groups that are vital to its core mission.

Business Operations: CAO is a highly accountable and proficient organization. CAO will employ modern business approaches and strategies to ensure operations remain professional, efficient, effective, and sustainable.