About CAO


“Take flight into an exciting career within the aviation industry with the Council for Airport Opportunity (CAO).”

CAO is a nonprofit trade association created in 1972 through a partnership of airline companies, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and including the Mayor’s Offices of the City of Newark and City of New York and the Federal Aviation Administration. The mission of the organization is “to identify and address the critical employment needs of the communities surrounding the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan airports, while at the same time responding to the hiring needs of the airport tenants and the aviation industry.” CAO is uniquely designed to also offer free services to our customers that are: the residents of the localities surrounding the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan airports, businesses/employers in the aviation industry and community partner organizations.

The aviation industry unquestionably represents a huge segment of the metropolitan region’s employment base. Staffed with qualified, experienced and caring professionals, CAO is committed to providing its business partners and stakeholders with well prepared community residents who are eager to embark on careers in the aviation industry.

Now in its fifth decade, CAO today has placed over 65,000 local residents in jobs. CAO has a demonstrated track record of servicing its clients, and has maintained a position as a unique and important entity in this region.

CAO has historically provided quality service to the unemployed and continues an innovative approach to matching applicants with employers through programs designed to improve job skills by educating potential employees about the realities of an employers’ expectations, acknowledging career opportunities in the construction industry, apprenticeship programs, and by providing internship opportunities in the aviation industry for college students. CAO is dedicated to its mission and will continue to provide qualified, skilled employees who can meet and exceed the needs of an ever changing and demanding work world.

Over the course of its history CAO has sponsored a myriad of programs providing services to its constituency in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. To name a few, based on needs assessments and the availability of Federal/state/city government grants, CAO has provided job training programs, summer youth employment, customer service training, hospitality and food handling training to over ten thousand (10,000) residents of the communities surrounding the metropolitan area airports. CAO is certified in New Jersey as a vocational training program and as funding became available, has sponsored programs in the Paralegal and Legal Assistant job classifications and have programs for candidates to attain the security license required under the Security Officer Registration Act (SORA). Working with the Port Authority of NY and NJ, CAO has provided staffing for ground transportation counters at John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airports, in addition to a similar program for Customs Hall Aides at Newark International Airport. CAO New Jersey is also a host agency for the Senior Community Service Employment Program that provides training services to 55+ mature workers.

CAO New Jersey is certified and operates an Online Performance Assessment Test Center in addition to a seasonal temporary staffing entity called Academy Staffers.

CAO is easily accessible with offices in downtown Jamaica, New York, and Newark, New Jersey. On-site Career centers have been established at John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport where specialized, training, small group seminars, and interview sessions can be conducted.

CAO is positioned for growth and expansion of services into the 21st Century and beyond. Our services are “FREE”. “FREE” customized recruitment events. “FREE” access to a data base designed to allow for viewing of prescreened candidate resumes and profiles. “FREE” access to a diverse employment market place.

CAO is positioned to serve your employment needs and provide you, our customers, with prompt, efficient and courteous assistance.

Come fly with us. Get your boarding pass to the CAO Airport Connection today!